The “Hipersensorial” album has had a profound process and some thoughts came along with it:

What is our purpose in life?

Do we really know ourselves on a deep level?

Do we live up-to-date with our emotions?

Do we really hear the silence?

At the same time, this album was made to let the music flows… to listen to a song that goes forth and does not come back… in which my process inspired by urban artists, graffiti artists, led me to connect with my instruments with extreme sensitivity, as if they were paintbrushes, and as if the melodies and harmonies were colors, and from my heart came the strokes, and so I was transported to an Atelier, full of blank canvases… and I felt a very gratifying creative freedom. That way I could connect with other senses and sensations within myself, to get deep into the essence of the Soul and the mission, HiperSensorial (HyperSensitive).