“Visceral” is a project specially made for the Dumont Arte Bar. As an artist, I feel the need to be always doing researches, challenging myself and exchanging experiences with other people. The soul asks for expansion. The music, oxygen. Dumont is the place that allows us this kind of self surrender.

Located in Baixo Gávea and having strong potential for Art, the Dumont Arte Bar is the perfect place for various meetings of artists. “Visceral” is an original project in continuous development. There is a plan, but it will be executed with EMOTION. The goal is not to be constrained but to let it flow. I have invited my visceral friends to be part of this project: Lancaster Pinto on the bass and Kadu Menezes on the drums. I wait for you every Wednesday to explore, to create, to talk…  to feel THE SCREAM OF THE SOUL!