Rodrigo Sha is a music artist with a 20-year career. He is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays seven musical instruments.

His first professional work were released by the Rastropop Records label when he was a musician of the Idea Rara band. It was an authorial band in which he used to make musical compositions and also used to play sax and flute. When he took part in the band BossaCucaNova, he has travelled all around the world with the support of the master Roberto Menescal. At that time, the group mixed bossa nova with electronic music bases and made a huge success in Brazil and abroad.

Being versatile, Rodrigo has played with great Brazilian music artists: Bebel Gilberto, Leo Jaime, Ritchie, Blitz, Kid Abelha, Seu Jorge.

For six years, along with Leo Jaime, he took part in the official band of “Amor e Sexo”, a TV show broadcast by TV Globo.

Rodrigo can easily go through MPB, bossa nova and rock & roll and he also has a perfect command of the electronic music scene. With rhythmic conduction, electronic sound and his particular way of playing sax, he creates new versions for popular hits, crowding dance floors wherever he goes.

Being also a producer and an entrepreneur, four years ago he created “Shadas6eis”, a party where he mixes sax and flute performances with electronic beats. For the last eight years, he has been shaking up the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro with “Baile do Sha”, a non-traditional street Carnival party that brings together thousands of people to enjoy music in the streets of Leblon and that also take part in special parties of several VIP Covered Boxes in Sambodrome. For the last 10 years, “Baile do Sha” is the main show of the official New Year Celebration of the Fernando de Noronha Island, his source of inspiration.

Over the last 20 years, Rodrigo Sha has won several music awards:

– Theme Song Award at the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Christ the Redeemer

– Best Electronic Album at the Brazilian Music Award in 2014

– Best Instrumentalist in the electronic scene by the DjSound Magazine for two years in a row, 2014 and 2015.

Among the big festivals that Rodrigo has already taken part in Brazil and abroad are “Rock in Rio”, “Rio Music Carnival”, “Womad Festival” (along with BossaCucaNova) and “Big Chill” (along with Bebel Gilberto). At “Rock in Rio” he played for four consecutive years on different stages: “Rock District”, “Electronic Stage” and “Rock Street”. At “Rio Music Carnival” he played five times.

Rodrigo has already released seven solo albums and also has taken part in several albums and special projects of other musicians.

Rodrigo is one of the founders of the Marketplace www.oritmo.com, the “home” of Brazilian music in the world, with a library that contains more than 1,000 sound samples and Brazilian rhythms. The project is an initiative to put Brazilian music on the world map in a different way, relating to music producers and DJs from the whole world and creating a virtual store for Brazilian musicians like Roberto Menescal, Marcos Suzano, Laudir de Oliveira, among others.

The “Hipersensorial” project reflects his successful career. Rodrigo Sha shows that he is ready to go further, innovating and mixing music with other types of artistic expressions. The goal is to bring out sensations and deal with different possibilities of Art and the human being. The Project has taken 19,000 visitors to the Casa França-Brasil in Rio de Janeiro.

And that’s not all. Rodrigo also presents himself as a great communicator and musical curator, having received in 2017 an invitation to have his own radio show called “HORA DO SHA”, a weekly radio program that goes on air every Saturday at 7:00 p.m. on the radio station 94FM, being broadcast to the entire state of Rio de Janeiro. The radio show is also a hit on Youtube and on social networks.

Rodrigo Sha, a restless artist, is getting ready for several album releases in 2018, including the international album “Copenema” in partnership with the danish producer Kenneth Bager, which will be released by the Music for Dreams label.